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Rectorial Benefice of Neath
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Life Events Weddings, Baptisms, Funerals
The Christian Church is a family of people together who try to follow Jesus and share his love with all in the community. At the heart of our life as Christians is the importance of home and family. Jesus shared with Mary and Joseph family life in Nazareth. There are times in family life when it is wonderful to be able to share moments of joy, or at times of sadness to receive support and encouragement from others. Our parish celebrates these joyful family moments with sacraments of Holy Matrimony and Holy Baptism (also called Christening). For information about these please contact us at the Rectory Office. At times of sorrow with the loss of a loved one, arrangements need to be made with both the Funeral Director and the Clergy. Tel: 01639 644612 e-mail: Admin@parishofneath.org If you want to read more about what the Church has to say about these and other special church services, please click here