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Rectorial Benefice of Neath
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Services August 2020
Before the service speak to God, During the service let God speak to you, After the service speak to each other.
(Click here for On-line Worship) St. Thomas’ Church, Private Prayer on Tuesdays, between 10.00 and 11.00am. Please follow guidelines, stay 2 meters apart, keep everyone safe. Please DO NOT visit the Parish Office but phone or email if you have any queries.  
Tuesdays Eucharist 10.00am St. Thomas’ Church,  Please follow guidelines, stay 2 meters apart, keep everyone safe.  Sunday Eucharist St. David’s Church, 10.30am Sunday Service St. Teilo’s Church, 5pm Just a Few Housekeeping Rules for Us All  1. On arrival at church you will asked to provide your name, address & contact details  2. You will need to use hand gel both on entry & exit.  3. After using hand gel you can pick up a Service Book and  bulletin.  4. You will be shown to a seat. Please remain in your seat until the service finishes. You    will then be shown how to safely exit the church.  5. Please follow the arrow signs to the exit-west door as directed. Please take your bulletin home with you and place the service booklet in the box provided.  6. Toilets are unavailable  7. Communion will be in one kind only and brought to you at your seat. The Priests will be sanitise their hands before bringing the wafer to you. The wafer will be “dropped” rather than placed in your hands.  8. There will be no singing  9. The Peace will not be shared physically  10.   Collection Plates for each church will be found on a table at the exit for envelopes,   donations etc.